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2010 Reflections

Since 2010 is now over, I felt it was time to reflect on my past adventure filled year. Over the past year I was lucky enough to get to experience what most don’t get to do in a lifetime! One year ago today I was a new citizen of Paris, France. I had just finished my apprenticeship with Lesage (atelier house owned by Chanel) and was ready to experience a new Parisian life! Listed below are some of my most memorable moments over this past year!

Earning my certificate in Professional Couture Beadwork and Embroidery from Lesage

Meeting Karl Lagerfeld at Couture Fashion Week

Hanging out with Jeanne Becker at Couture Week, and Fashion Week

Spending my birthday shopping at Chanel

Moving in with my boyfriend into our new apartment beside the Eiffel Tower

Meeting my nephew for the first time!

Having my story published in papers and magazines

Photographing celebrities including Kanye West, Elizabeth Hurley, Anna Wintour, Puff Daddy, Jared Leto, Clair Danes and Jessica Alba

Happy New Year!! Here is to a fabulous fun filled 2011! I have a feeling that this will be my best year yet!

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