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A Common Thread (Brodeuses)

A Common Thread/Sequins, or Brodeuses as it is called in France is a fantastic, must see movie if you are interested in embroidery. The film is about a young pregnant girl who gets a job doing couture embroidery with a woman who does work for Lesage and Lacroix. You see them stretching the fabrics over the frames, use the Luneville hook and hand sew pieces for some of the main fashion houses. I really enjoyed seeing inside the atelier and the various eye candy of the beads and sequins shown while they are stitching. Although this is an old movie from 2004, I just watched it for the first time today. As I watched the film, I worked on one of my embroidery projects and felt like I was working away along with them!

Someone had recommended it to me when they heard that I had studied at Lesage. I am so glad that I took their advice and watched it, and I hope you take some time to see it as well! Below is the French trailer for the movie, but don’t worry… it is available with English subtitles!

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