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A Day in Montmartre

Today I went for a little walk around Montmartre. I originally went to have a look in the fabric shops there, but once I got there I saw that they were all shut down and under construction. I am not sure if they are closed for good, or will re-open. As I couldn’t get my fabrics I wanted, I decided to take a little walk around the area! I always love going to Montmartre, even though I get harassed by the many guys trying to sell bracelets and bags and get followed by the girls begging for money, it is still worth the trip!

I love walking around the little cobblestone streets behind Sacre Coeur that are full of life! Artists show their paintings and there are many galleries in the area that are also worth seeing. The Dali museum is a great one to see that is full of jewelry!

There are lots of picturesque places to stop for a bite to eat that sell crepes and baguettes. There is also a restaurant tucked away down a little street that has a huge tree growing right through the middle of it! It reminds me of a place that I once went to on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia! I will definitely have to go back for lunch with my boyfriend one day! Overall, today was a good “tourist” day even though I came home without fabric!

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