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A Trip to the Paris Antiques Flea Market

Yesterday morning I woke up early to go to the Marche Puces Porte Vanves, Paris Antiques Flea Market. I was looking forward to going all week and was excited about what treasures I could find for my jewelry. This antique market stretches along two main streets and offers everything from vintage furniture to dishes and silverware.

After strolling along the first strip, I came upon one lady who was selling sewing and jewelry supplies. As I started looking through the boxes of supplies that she was selling, I realized that I had come upon something very special. The lady who owned the stall then explained that the supplies were from Christian Lacroix’s atelier. She had bought a bunch of the supplies when the atelier had closed down after going bankrupt. After hearing this, I was in heaven. Christian Lacroix is easily one of my top three favorite Couture designers. As my boyfriend was with me, I couldn’t spend hours going through all the boxes so I will be going back next weekend by myself! I did find a magnificent gold filigree round 16mm bead that the lady who owned the stall ended up giving to me for free! I think she realized how excited I was to find her treasures! Can’t wait to return this weekend and spend some time going through all her boxes of supplies!

The market is very interesting for browsing and treasure hunting. There were vintage Hermes scarves, Chanel bags, and Lanvin shoes. The fabric stalls with old embroideries were also very interesting, and old textile sample squares that had been matted and framed ready to hang on my wall! If only I could win the lottery!!!

I found some sparkling old chandelier glass drops that would be great for Christmas decorations! There were interesting pieces everywhere I looked, including old stamping blocks and beautiful ribbons.

Overall, this market is a great way to spend your Sunday mornings. Some of the vendors do start packing up as early as 11:30am so make sure you get there early!

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