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Amaya Arzuaga F/W 2011-2012

I was extremely pleased to receive an invite to the Amaya Arzuaga show at the Grand Palais for Paris Fashion Week. I had previously been there only to stand outside and take photos of the fashion elite as they went in for the Chanel show. This magnificent building is a historic building that was built in 1897 and showcases an impressive glass vault.

Once inside, I climbed the huge marble staircase and found my spot among the crowd. The show started with a beautiful beige pantsuit with structured jacket which made the model’s legs look like they went on forever.

The show then went on with a collection of pleated and folded dresses in a variety of bright colors. The silhouette created with the folds of the fabric were unique, yet wearable. Geometric dresses that accentuated the hips were a little futuristic, without being over the top.

The collection then switched into long flowing, dresses that trailed along the floor stirring up white dust as the models walked along the runway. Most dresses were black, with one large line of color circling around the dress as a reference back to the geometric feel of the previous dresses. The last piece that was shown was a beautiful long blue dress with pleated fabric to create another unique silhouette in the back of the dress. It was a nice way to end the show, as the audience was looking at the back of the model walking away and was left wanting more.

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