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America’s New First Lady: Melania Trump’s Inauguration Fashion

The new first lady has undeniable fashion sense.  No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, his wife certainly has glamour, grace, and knows how to steal the spotlight.  The 46-year-old Slovene-American model became the new first lady last week, and so far, her fashion choices have been nothing short of amazing.  Following Michelle Obama who championed young American fashion designers, Melania now takes the reigns as we watch what she has in store for fashion.

While Trump was sworn in as the new American President, Melania stood by his side dressed in an elegant, chic powder blue dress and cropped jacked custom designed by Ralph Lauren.  The dress was accented with blue suede gloves, stiletto heels, and her hair was done in a bouffant updo.  A nod to Jackie Kennedy, the style clearly referenced a 60’s style look.


With so much controversy surrounding Trump, many fashion designers refused to dress the first lady. There were many speculations as to who would be dressing Melania, but the outcome was somewhat of a surprise for the Inauguration Ball.  The gown was a collaboration between Mrs. Trump and the design of Hervé Pierre, a Frenchman who moved to New York in the early 1990s and eventually became creative director of Carolina Herrera.  The architectural gown was the fist major dress designed under his own name.

“It’s an honor to dress the First Lady. I was actually lucky because over my 20 years in the U.S., I dressed all the first ladies: Mrs. Clinton at Oscar [de la Renta], Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama at Carolina Herrera. So I feel lucky and honored to dress Melania Trump, but this time under my name” said the designer in a statement.

He said, “It was fun to respect her very tailored sense of fashion and to translate it in a gown. The lines are sharp, the design has no fuss and reflects Mrs. Trump’s vision of fashion and the way she feels in a gown. She knows what she likes. Our conversations were, and are, very easy. She knows about fashion, as a former model. She is aware about constructions, so we have already the same vocabulary when it comes to designing a dress.”

Melania Trump

Melania showed off the stunning gown as she danced with husband, Donald Trump.  The design was beautiful and understated.  It was a vanilla crepe off-the-shoulder gown with a red silk ribbon around the waist, which featured a cascading ruffle and thigh-high slit.

With the Inauguration festivities over, Melania has flown back to New York to stay with her son as he finishes out the school year.  Hopefully she will make an appearance at some functions in the next few months, as I personally can’t wait to see what she will wear next!

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