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Bead Heaven

For those of you who know me, you know that I could spend hours shopping in bead stores. Back in Canada, me and my mom were regularly bead shopping along Queen St. in Toronto. We would even visit The Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee a couple of times. When I first moved to Paris, I was having bead withdrawal. I didn’t know any bead stores, and I didn’t even know if there were any in the city! Soon enough, I found a couple of bead shops which made me happy. They were not very big, and didn’t have a huge selection, but at least they had something. Imagine my surprise when I realized there was a whole street right near my apartment that was home to numerous amounts of bead stores! Rue de Temple is a beading haven! If you are a beader visiting Paris, you must not miss this street. While some of the shops are wholesale, if you are willing to pay the minimum, some will let you shop there without a business licence. Most shops are not open Saturdays, so make sure to go on a weekday.

I took this picture through a shop window while I was out with my “beading friends.” last weekend. We couldn’t go in since it was closed, but I plan on going back to shop really soon. We did however go to Matiere Premiere on Rue de Sévigné and La Perlerie 22 on Rue de Temple.

I bought some great Chinese crystal beads and a black cabochon swarovski crystal to make myself a big sparkly ring! Overall, I am glad I have friends to talk beading and go shopping with! I am now back in bead heaven!

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