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Bon Marche

Once I reached Bon Marche, I entered through the glass doors and found myself in the jewelry and accessories department. The Chanel and Dior boutiques were also situated right were I entered. I had to take a look in Chanel and figure out what my next purchase will be! The jewelry at Bon Marche is amazing, and the bags are to die for.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I entered the shoe department. Every brand you could ever want was there. I found the pair that I would like from Miu Miu. Too bad they are over 300 Euros.

After drooling over the clothes and accessories, I headed across the street to the Bon Marche food hall. As I walked inside, I first noticed the huge cake display with every type of macaron flavor ever invented. The market was extremely impressive with any sort of food you would need. The veggies looked fresh, and the cheese counter was stocked with french delights. The prices were reasonable, unless you wanted to buy something extraordinary. I did find a bottle of water for 30 Euros. Yes, I did say one bottle of water! The water is called “Bling” and is covered in Swarovski crystals.

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