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Chanel Bombay Métiers d’Art Collection

Karl Lagerfeld showed his Bombay collection for Chanel in Paris back in December 2011, and it was a wonderful showcase of artisan craftsmanship.  The theme “Paris-Bombay” was a reminder that Europe’s fashion industry has increasingly turned to India to produce handcrafted pieces.   It has become expensive for the designers to make them in Paris as the ateliers are becoming obsolete.  Lagerfeld’s plan was to flip the equation, so that everything that looked intricately Indian was actually made by Chanel’s remaining ateliers in Paris.

This stunning Métiers d’Art collection showed the craftsmanship of Lesage embroidery and button maker Desrues.  All embroidery is done by hand using the Luneville hook and sewing each bead on, one at a time.  Buttons are also entirely made by hand melting metals and using a flamework technique to create glass pieces.

This movie shows a unique look into the Lesage and Desrues ateliers, and the techniques used in the Bombay collection.  You will see skilled artisans creating these beautiful pieces of art to be integrated into fashion.

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