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Chanel Couture Show

The Chanel couture show on Tuesday evening was a crowded event held at the Grand Palais in Paris. As I walked along the Champs Elysees and turned the corner to head over to the Palais I could see the crowds gathering out front. Everyone from excited fans, to fashion bloggers and paparazzi were trying to get pictures of those attending the show. I took my place in the crowds and began clicking away with my camera trying to capture the moment. I saw beautiful Chanel outfits and accessories entering the building.

I saw a few important faces in fashion entering into the show including Monsieur Lesage, who I had been studying Couture Embroidery with at Lesage Atelier house last year. He was too quickly for me though, so I was unable to stop and speak with him before he entered the show.

Bernadette Chirac (former First Lady of France) was there surrounded my police and security as she entered the show.

Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld was there in good spirits, meeting friends while making her way into the show.

Style icon, Daphne Guinness appeared in the crowd drenched in diamonds sparkling in the evening sun. I had to get a close up shot of her accessories!

Grace Coddington for Vogue was there to take notes on the newest seasons must haves.

Inside the event, Karl once again showed a stunning collection of pieces for his fall couture collection. Many of the looks, in rich reds, purples and chocolate browns, were entirely covered in sequins that glinted wildly under the flashes of hundreds of cameras. The runway was also quite spectacular with a several story high golden lion in the middle of stage. It was to pay tribute to Coco Chanel, the brands founder who was a Leo.

Once the show was over, the models started spilling out onto the streets after their hard work on the runway. Freja Beha worked her way through the crowds onto the busy streets.

Baptiste Giabiconi also came out into the crowds after walking the last model around the runway. Baptiste is Karl Lagerfeld’s male model muse. I was lucky enough to meet him and get a picture taken with him!

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