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Christian Lacroix

This morning I couldn’t resist but go back to the Marche Puces Porte Vanves antique market. Last week I came across a lady who had bought up a lot of supplies from the Christian Lacroix atelier when it closed. I had to go back this week and have a better look through all her boxes of treasures! I must have spend about half an hour going though all of the beads, sequins, buttons, threads and metal pieces. I ended up purchasing a few pieces to incorporate into my jewelry designs! Each piece I got is stamped with the Christan Lacroix logo. I really liked how the butterfly and dragonfly each feature one beautiful hand painted ceramic wing. I can’t wait to get designing!! If you are interested in a piece of jewelry incorporating any of these Christian Lacroix pieces, please contact me at or visit my website at

Christian Lacroix is a french designer who was well known for his Haute Couture line which sadly closed in 2009. Personally I loved Christian Lacroix’s Haute Couture designs. They were bold, fantasy creations, which is what Haute Couture is really all about! He was known for his theatrical style which came from his work while in the theater. Lacroix was also a great supporter of Paris atelier houses including Lesage who did many embroideries for the couture line. Below are some images from Christian Lacroix’s collections from throughout his career.

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