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Dévastée SS 2013 – Paris Fashion Week

Day two of Paris Fashion Week and I am excited for the shows.  Dévastée is a designer that usually has a collection after my own heart.  Mainly because they design in black and white and incorporate little drawings that the design duo create.  For those that know me, black is usually my wardrobe staple.  I made my way to the first show of the day in the Marais district of Paris to a showroom already filled with people when I got there.  Once the show started, the models took the runway and it was obvious that Dévastée was on vacation.  This is one vacation I would love to be on!  They stayed true to their black and white color scheme, but it was a laid back, going sightseeing or out for a casual day of shopping sort of style.  Some models were even carrying Dévastée shopping bags!

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