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Dior Tulle Inspired Skirt

Updated: May 15, 2022

If you are a fan of Dior, you will know that the tulle skirt plays an important role in their history and design. Paying homage to the classic post-War New Look created by the house, their latest tulle skirt design offers chic sophistication. The only problem is that many cannot afford the $3,800 price tag that accompanies the skirt.

But what if you were able to create your own couture tulle skirt? With the guidance of couture designer Angela Kim, you can do just that at the Couture Design Academy!

I am excited to announce my partnership with Angela Kim Couture to bring a whole new set of classes focused on couture garments embellished with Tambour embroidery elements. For the first time in Asheville, NC the Couture Design academy is now accepting students to learn the closely kept secrets of couture design.

In this 3-day beginners class, students will learn the basics of couture construction of a tulle skirt, along with couture embroidery techniques.  This class is perfect for anyone from beginners who have no experience yet a sincere desire to learn, to the more experienced individual who wants to add a new technique to their skill set. Those who may be interested in this class come from a diverse background and include dressmakers, students, hobbyists, bridal designers, garment restoration specialists,  and artistic costume designers.

The course is divided into two sections, construction of a couture tulle knee length skirt, and couture embroidered bee brooch. Students will divide their time equally to produce a finished product. Each student will leave the class with a finished skirt and embroidered brooch.

For more information on the Couture Design Academy and how you can sign up, please visit

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