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French Inspired Face Masks

Updated: May 15, 2022

What a crazy world we are living in right now! Who would have ever thought that one of my best selling accessories would be face masks!? I started out making masks for John Hopkins Hospital working with a local organization that supplied the medical-grade fabrics and I would pleat and sew as many as I could in a day.

Once this order was over, I decided to start making masks for friends and family, and before I knew it, I started getting more and more requests. This is when I decided to create a line of French-themed masks for sale! I love sourcing beautiful fabrics that I can make into masks that are not only functional but pretty!

With more areas making it mandatory for residents to wear masks in public, it is important to have a few on hand. I personally like to have one to match each outfit! Not to mention, they should be washed between every wear so you will need a few to be able to rotate them!

To see more of my French-themed masks or to place an order please visit my Etsy site.

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