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Givenchy Couture on Hiatus

The next round of Paris Couture shows will be feeling like it is missing something.  This something will be the Givenchy Couture show.  The French fashion house has confirmed that Givenchy Couture will still exist, however the runway shows will take a hiatus.  Riccardo Tisci will still continue to design for the Couture house and will resume Couture shows at a later date.

Hopefully this move by Givenchy is not a glimpse into the future of Couture.  Despite Raf Simons’ motives at Dior to create a new Haute Couture, the industry has faced many difficulties in the past few years.  Couture is expensive and skill intensive to create and there are very few customers who can actually afford to purchase the pieces.  Hopefully the industry can pull together and not let this industry diminish.

With Riccardo Tisci co-chairing the Met Gala next year, there will still be many Givenchy Couture gowns for us to drool over on the red carpet.


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