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Italian Window Shopping

While in Italy a couple of weeks ago, I was strolling around the streets of Venice doing one of my favorite past times… window shopping!

The jewelry in Venice was amazing. There were many different styles and designs that I had never seem before. The glass beads from Murano were fabulous and the flower necklaces were beautiful.

The shoes in Venice were amazing, but expensive. They had sparkles galore and were very feminine and delicate.

The Italians know how to dress! They have a certain sophisticated style that just seems effortless for them. The clothes in this shop were beautiful and colorful!

Imagine serving your wine this holder!

The food in Italy was also amazing. The pasta and pizza was amazing, and the cappuccino was delicious. The bakery windows were filled with pastries, and marzipan shaped fruit. I definitely didn’t go hungry on this vacation!

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