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Karl Lagerfeld Grew A Beard?

The topic of conversation in my house today was about beards. We were discussing when the beard trend started, and how many men now have beards. How did the trend start, and does it span across all generations?  Has it officially become “fashionable?”

We started this conversation after I went out for brunch this morning, and I noticed that every single man in the restaurant had a beard. My husband has also just recently grown a beard.

Just as I was wondering how far this newest trend would go, it went to the ultimate place in the fashion industry. Karl Lagerfeld has grown a beard! I suppose that means it is officially fashionable.

Suzie Menkes of Vogue was actually the one to break the news as she uploaded a photo of herself and Karl posing with the caption “So KARL has an exciting new facial accessory. But TRAGICALLY I cannot copy it ….At Dior Homme, Paris.”

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A post shared by Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkes)

So, I guess this means the beard is officially fashionable. If Karl has one, it has now been officially accepted into the fashion world.

Although this isn’t a new look for Karl, he did sport a beard in earlier years, it does show that the trend has come full circle.

What do you think of the beard trend? Yay or Nay?  Let me know in the comments below if you like Karl with a beard or prefer his his original sleek look.

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