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Ladurée Macarons

This weekend my boyfriend and I boarded a Eurostar in Paris and headed to England for my cousins wedding. We finally reached our destination after a 6 hour train ride which included 4 of those hours being stuck on a broken down train in Calais….but that is a whole other story! Usually the trip takes about an hour and a half. Anyway, since this was the first time for my parents and other relatives to meet my boyfriend he wanted to bring them a little taste of Paris as a gift. What better present is there than fresh macarons from Ladurée. I went to the restaurant/bakery on Champs Elysees early in the morning and joined the line to buy the famous macarons. If you plan on going to buy some, I suggest going before 10am as the lines after this may be up to a 35-40 minute wait.

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