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Metal People By The Seine

Yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk along the Seine to enjoy the nice weather. We decided to go a different way then usual and explore a pathway that we had not taken before. We headed away from the Eiffel Tower and found ourselves at the Statue of Liberty near the Grenelle bridge on the Île aux Cygnes.

As we continued along the river, we came upon this great little restaurant overlooking the water. We will definitely be coming here for dinner one night!

Next, we came upon a statue of a vegetable seller.

Thinking it was very interesting I took a few photos only to see some more statues in the distance. After walking a little farther on, I was delighted to find a collection of them! Outside of Parc André Citroën there is a temporary exhibition of these rusted metal statues created by Edgardo Carmona. They are fun, quirky and I thought they were interesting since they are not what you would expect to find along the Seine! Overall, I great walk along the river ending with a few metal people who mad me smile!

#art #paris #Seine

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