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My Back Shed, French Style in Oakville

I am finally back in France, and was just itching to come back!  As much as I love being in Canada surrounded by family and friends, there is something that I always miss about Europe.  If you feel the same way about Europe as I do but can’t make the trip over to France, look no further for a little bit of France in Oakville!  My Back Shed is your destination spot for French Country and Shabby Chic furniture and decor. The store is known to designers and customers who like the romantic style and the casual feel of their transformed pieces.

My Back Shed 1

This beautiful boutique located on Lakeshore Rd. in Bronte will make you believe that you are in a perfect little Parisian shop filled with all sorts of curiosities, most of which are French themed!  Last time I visited, I couldn’t help but purchase a wonderful shabby chic style sign that read, “Paris Marché aux Puce.”  This sign will forever remind me of the Paris antique market that I wander through almost every Sunday.

My Back Shed 4

My Back Shed 3

My Back Shed 2

Lisa, the owner of My Back Shed is extremely helpful and always happy to offer advice or assistance.  She has a keen eye for vintage treasures and her ability to transform them led to the creation of “My Back Shed”.  Taking antique furniture and refurbishing it into treasure is her specialty.  In fact, one half of her shop is filled with beautiful antique pieces that have been lovingly recreated.

My Back Shed 6

My Back Shed 7

My Back Shed 5

Still need another reason to visit My Back Shed?  They are now selling Glimpse Creations jewelery and cards!  From necklaces and earrings to pop up cards, they have a wide range of selection of my pieces.  As I mentioned before, I find it extremely difficult to leave the store empty handed, and I am sure that you will have the same problem!  After all, everyone could do with a little French inspired decoration in their home!

My Back Shed 9

My Back Shed 8

Visit My Back Shed at 2359 Lakeshore Rd. West

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