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Paris Fashion Week – Aganovich

The second show of the day that I attended at Paris Fashion Week was Aganovich. I have never seen this show before, and I was looking forward to it. Coming from London, this was Aganovich’s 5th time showing at Paris Fashion Week. This collection had definite British influence. They used colors from Francis Bacon’s paintings and the distorted mirrors around the stage referred to Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” to show a realization that the world is more inverted than thought. The show opened with a clown speaking with a man in a business suit about a painting (the clown being Francis Bacon). Before the show, there was also a fake food truck set up with a British man yelling “Bacon Sandwiches for sale!” This was also a reference to Francis Bacon.

Once the clothes came out on stage, there were many 60’s inspired pieces. Many were layered organza pieces with varying degrees of opacity. The hats created by J.Smith Esq were fabulous pieces made from different materials from leather to organza.

Sitting front row at this show was great as I got to see the pieces up close! Everyone sitting at this show also received a gift of a handmade metal mannequin dressed in a piece from the show. I thought it was a nice little souvenir from the show!

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