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Paris Fashion Week – Moon Young Hee SS2012

Paris Fashion Week started yesterday, and I was lucky enough to be invited to some shows again this season! The first show on my schedule was Moon Young Hee. I attended the show last season, and loved her use of fabrics. She is known for her meticulous layering of fabrics and subtle use of color. This season there were layered organza dresses, large frills and structural pieces. The frills were chunky, yet feminine and the structural pieces created unique silhouettes.

Suit jackets with bare shoulders created a different take on the “deconstructed” look. The clothes had an “inside out” look to them without looking too shabby.

In line with her subtle use of color, Moon Young Hee presented suits and dresses with strips of color organza sewn onto the pieces. She did increase the color as the show went on.

My favorite pieces in the show were beautiful, sparkling beaded tops. I was happy to see some glamor added into the show as evening wear.

Overall, a good range of interesting pieces that fringe the border of art as clothing.

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