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Stephane Rolland SS2012

I was excited to receive an invitation to the Stephane Rolland Spring-Summer 2012 couture show in Paris a few months ago.  The designer well known for creating some of Lady Gaga’s most amazing looks was showing his couture collection at Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  I arrived at the show to find a large line of press, bloggers and buyers waiting to get out of the rain and get inside the venue.  Once inside, the craziness of the crowd did not fade.  Everyone was excited to get seated and see the show.  Once we all found our spot, the lights went down and the models took to the catwalk.

Floor length dresses of muslin and silk paired with wide golden belts and geometric inserts were the main look of the collection.  The geometric designs flowed out from the top of the dresses or stuck out from the hips to create dramatic shapes and layers to the designs.

Deep plunging necklines and bare backs were also on show creating a sexy, sophisticated look.  With all the belts, gloves and breastplates sewn onto the front of the gowns, all I could think about was an image of a fashionable, sexy superhero!  The colors stayed true to the dramatic black, off white and Scarlett red.  A hint of lime green was thrown in the middle for an added surprise.

The end of the show had a red bridal gown worn by supermodel icon Yasmin Lebon.  The dress weighed 110 pounds, took 49 yards of fabric to create & required assistance from two design assistants to walk the runway.  It was a dramatic end to a dramatic show.

Stephane Rolland’s show was dramatic, chic and sophisticated.  I know I would love a few of the pieces shown!  Here is a photo of the designer taking a bow at the end of the show!

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