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The Paris Of The South

I moved from Paris, France to “The Paris of the South!”

Little did I know that when I moved to Asheville, I was moving to a place commonly nicknamed “The Paris of the South!” I must have been drawn to this town for it’s Paris vibe.

Paris of the south t-shirt… I had to buy it!

Let’s take a look at why Ashville is compared to the city of lights.

Set in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville has a unique feel featuring many art deco accents. It also boasts an incredibly diverse culture that offers everything from music and arts to a lively restaurant scene. It is really no wonder why thousands of tourists flock to Ashville every year.

One of the main attractions that tourists visit in Asheville is the Biltmore Estate. With some similarities to Versailles, this mansion is an architectural delight surrounded by flowering gardens, and a small village.

The Biltmore Estate

To many, Asheville has grown into a temping Foodtopia, and is now ranked as one of the county’s most celebrated food destinations. And like Paris, many Asheville restaurants spill out onto sidewalks, or if there’s not enough space for a few bistro sets, then the eateries will pull open their huge garage doors (a popular fixture in Asheville) and let in the mountain air.

One of my favorite restaurants, Posana

Asheville has a thriving arts scene with a dedicated arts district known as the RAD (River Arts District). This entire area of working studios house hundreds of artists that help the city live up to the creative pressure of a nickname like, “The Paris of the South.”

The Grove Arcade is a public market that was opened 1929. This beautiful historic building reminds me of the passages in Paris! It has the same asthetics as many of the places I frequented in Paris. To see more about these passages click here.

The Grove Arcade

The overall feeling of Asheville also adds to it’s Parisian feel. You will find buskers on almost every street corner willing to entertain both locals and tourists, and there is just an overall bohemian feel with many artists and writers lounging in the many coffee shops around the city.

After living in Paris, France for over 5 years, I can definitely say that Asheville has a Parisian feel about it. If you have never been to Asheville, I definitely suggest taking a trip through the mountains to visit this unique city.

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