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Ultramod Paris

I have found my new favourite shop in Paris. “Ultramod” is a mercerie (dressmaker and sewing store) that has been selling buttons, ribbons, hats, and silks since 1890. It seems like you step back in time when entering into this shop. There are loomed silk ribbons which date back to the 1940’s, felts for hats that are over 50 years old, and rolls of silk fabric from the 1930’s. The shop itself is split into two boutiques which are directly across the street from each other. One shop is dedicated to hats and accessories while the other is sewing supplies.

The hat boutique is quite spectacular. Once inside, you will see everything from hat forms, to french netting and other hat making accessories. It is truly a spectacular sight to see all of the old fashion millinery tools and fabrics.

#Beading #Beadwork #embroidery #Lesage

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