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Who Is Your Fashion Icon?

When you get dressed in the mornings, is there someone you picture wearing that outfit? If so, you may have a fashion Icon. If not, it’s time to figure it out! Your fashion icon can be someone you aspire to be like or whose style you love.

Fashion icons are important because they can show you new styles you may not have thought of before. They can also show you how to mix and match different pieces to create a unique look. Fashion icons are also great for inspiration when you’re feeling stuck in a fashion rut. So take some time to think about who your fashion icon is and start using them as inspiration for your own personal style!

What Is A Fashion Icon?

A fashion icon is someone whose style is widely admired and imitated. Icons are typically trendsetters, and their looks often reflect the zeitgeist of their time. While fashion icons can come from any era or walk of life, they tend to be creative types with a strong sense of personal style. If you’re looking for an icon to emulate, there are a few ways to go about it.

One option is to do some image searches on Google or Pinterest. Try using keywords like “style icon” or “mature style icon.” Scroll through the results and see which images resonate with you. Once you’ve found someone whose look you like, you can then do a search on their name to see what else comes up.

Another way to find fashion icons is to follow fashion bloggers or other style-savvy people on social media. These people are often sharing images of stylish people they’ve spotted in real life or on the internet. By following them, you’ll get a steady stream of fashion inspiration delivered right to your feed.

Look Through The Decades

When choosing a style icon, you may want to start with a decade. For example, if you are drawn to 60’s clothing, look at style icons from that era. The style icons of the 60s were all about breaking the rules and having fun with fashion. From Twiggy’s stripped-down style to Jane Birkin’s bohemian flair, there was something for everyone.

If you are particularly interested in the fashion of the Roaring 20s, it is essential to look at style icons from that era. One cannot simply go to a store and buy 20s-style clothing. The key is to look at how people actually dressed during that time period. To do this, one can look at photographs, paintings, and other visual representations of the era. Seeing how real people dressed in the past can provide inspiration for creating a modern-day style that is uniquely one’s own.

While some style icons are more timeless than others, the great thing about style is that it’s always evolving. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next outfit or just want to take a trip down memory lane, style icons from the past are sure to inspire.

My Fashion Icon – Rachel Zoe

People always ask me about my fashion icon, and while I have a few, I tend to look to Rachel Zoe for fashion inspiration; she always looks put together, and her style is timeless. Let’s face it, if anyone is an authority on style and luxury, it’s the one and only Rachel Zoe.

Rachel Zoe is known for her impeccable style and ability to always stay ahead of the trends. Her aesthetic channels 60s- and ‘70s-era glamour, and she draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, from Woodstock to Andy Warhol to Studio 54. Zoe is not afraid to experiment with her look, and she has been credited with popularizing a number of fashion trends. From her iconic oversized sunglasses to her signature flowy dresses, Rachel Zoe has cemented her place as one of the most stylish women in the world. So, it is no wonder I am drawn to her style and often refer to her clothing examples as I get dressed in the mornings.

Meeting Rachel Zoe

As a side note, I have been lucky enough to meet Zoe Rachel a few times at Paris Fashion week and have even designed her a Swarovski cuff bracelet that I gifted to her! And her style, every time I met her, was impeccable! The photo below is when I was giving Rachel the bracelet I had designed for her. This was taken outside the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week.

To find your fashion icon, figure out who inspires you and start looking at their outfits for ideas on how to put together your own look!

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