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Fascinated by the many artisans still working in the craft trade who create pieces for the world of couture fashion, Sarah decided to shed some light on these little-known atelier houses, by teaching couture embroidery and giving lectures on the craft trade. She also now incorporates these age-old techniques that she learned at Lesage into her own creations and has brought her haute couture workshops to North America. 

Working as a freelance fashion writer, Sarah still attends runway shows at Paris Fashion Week and Couture Week where she writes about Parisian fashion for publications and online magazines. This is where she gains most of her inspiration. 

Before embarking on her Paris adventure Sarah became a graduate of Sheridan College of Crafts and Design, majoring in Textile Design, she earned an honors diploma in Fashion Merchandising and Design and achieved certification from PMC Fine Silver Connection in Chicago. She also had retail locations where she sold her creations and taught beadwork classes.


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Sarah Palow is the face behind the Parisian Couture label. An award-winning jewelry and embroidery designer, she is known for creating one of a kind, couture pieces that adorn the body as art. In 2009 Sarah moved to Paris, France to study at the prestigious atelier owned by Chanel (Lesage), and became certified in Haute Couture Beadwork and Embroidery. She ended up living in Paris for over 5 years studying the craft of Haute Couture and attending Paris Fashion Week while producing her own collection of jewelry and accessories.

One of Swarovski Crystal’s top 20 North American designers for 3 consecutive years from 2006, her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and on T.V. Her jewelry has been spotted on celebrities in Europe and the US, the runways at Vancouver fashion week, and even on Vogue

Sarah currently travels to Paris, France frequently where she attends Couture Week and Paris Fashion Week to write and gain inspiration for her designs. She travels around the US and Canada to teach haute couture beadwork and embroidery and designs a jewelry line. Sarah has also recently released a new clothing line L'Amour Fou. 

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