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L'Amour Fou

“L’Amour fou” is an uncontrollable and obsessive passion for something. It can be best translated as “crazy love”, referring to Sarah’s true passion in life. L’Amour fou pays tribute to the little-known world of haute couture that Sarah was blissfully immersed in after moving to Paris.  She became captivated by the old world culture of couture and the uncompromising time honored techniques preserved in this unique industry that so many knew little about. It seemed like a secret world revealed to her, and one that she needed to explore. Couture quickly became Sarah’s obsessive passion that she was determined to share with the rest of the world.

Fashion Show

The Time-Honored and Renowned Art of Parisian Haute Couture Now in the US

For the first time in the U.S., couture designer Sarah Palow has launched her debut collection. Her new sustainable clothing line was inspired by the 5 years she spent living in Paris, France where she earned the honor of being certified in Haute Couture Beadwork and Embroidery. For her new collection titled “L’Amour Fou”, Sarah has imported vintage clothing from the boutique apparel shops of Europe and stylishly redesigned these pieces with the addition of classic couture beadwork and embellishments. 


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Latest Updates

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What is
Haute Couture?

Translated literally, couture is French for dressmaking, while haute means “high” (i.e. quality). These are garments that are created as one-off pieces, made by exclusively by hand. The L’Amour Fou collection can not be considered Haute Couture as it has not been specifically endorsed by the Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture; however, it has been skillfully created using the strict principles of Haute Couture beadwork and embroidery.


Official Haute Couture pieces must be designed made-to-order for private clients, often with more than one fitting, using an atelier (workshop) that employs at least fifteen fulltime staff. Each piece of this new collection by Sarah Palow has been created with an equal amount of gentle care by hand, and follows the meticulous workmanship standards demanded by traditional French Haute Couture. This exclusive line of clothing is being made available for anyone who genuinely appreciates the time and quality that Haute Couture prides itself on.

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