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Market Day Trip

Well today I decided to check out marché aligre to see what treasures I could find. All of the tour books say that it is a great market for fruits and veggies, and collectibles. I decided to walk there instead of take the metro, so I could window shop along the way. I found myself in Place des Vosges, which was the home of Victor Hugo. It had just started snowing again as I walked into the park to take this photo. As I left the park, I ended up getting lost and turning down the wrong street at Bastille. However, it turned into a happy accident. Along this street was Atelier d’art de France. It was about 4 blocks of artists and their workshops. There wasa wide variety of artists including, glass blowing, furniture makers and textile restoration. There was even a man creating beautiful umbrellas, and another making flutes. This picture is of a loom that was in one of the workshop windows.

Once I had finished looking, and daydreaming about owning my little workshop in the Atelier d’Art, I decided to continue on to the market. As I found my way through the tiny snow covered streets looking for any sign of a market, I saw a large building in the distance. This turned out to be the market. I peeked through the doorway expecting to see tons of market stalls with bustling people all around. Instead I saw a few stalls selling meat, and about 3 people inside buying some. As a vegetarian, this was not of any interest to me! There were a few stalls still decorated for Christmas, and I suppose if I wanted to buy a whole pig roasting on a spit, then this would have been a great market! I guess I should leave the market scene alone until spring time comes, and there are more people selling things.

Everyday in Paris is an adventure. I have learned that just because the guide books say something is fabulous, it doesn’t always mean it is! Hopefully, I will have better luck tomorrow!

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